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We offer superior insurance market insight, global resources, and technical expertise to help clients face the world of property risk successfully. We offer unmatched advice and transactional capabilities; our property risk specialists provide personalized service and act as our clients' advocates to the insurance market We have specialized property expertise in every business and industry in which our clients are involved. We do more than just complete the insurance transaction; we closely work with our clients to identify the full spectrum of their business exposures and provide solutions that help them avoid, mitigate, or transfer their risk. Our property coverage solutions are tailored to clients' specific needs and strategic goals, with the objective of maximizing the insurance protection and minimizing the total cost of risk.

We continually analyze trends that could impact our clients' programs and risk profiles. We inform clients of issues affecting their industry and explain the coverage, policies, and endorsements that make up their programs. We provide clients with customized reports that are tailored to their specific needs, size and risk characteristics. Our property programs cover a wide variety of assets including

  1.  Infrastructures.
  2.  Fixed structures
  3.  Onshore and offshore installations
  4.  Machinery
  5. Equipment
  6. Stocks
  7. Assets in care custody and control
  8. Assets at manufacturers or repairers
  9. Assets in transit
  10. Mobile equipment
  11. Vehicles
  12. Gross Profits


In our experience of major infrastructure and construction projects, every Project comprises of at least three distinct phases; the Development Phase, the Construction Phase, and The Operational Phase, each of which features its own distinct characteristics, risks and service requirements. We provide one stop service that caters for all the needs of our clients including project developers, EPC contractors and financers to develop a successful Project. We handle a long list of covers including:

  1. Contractors All Risks
  2. Erection all risks
  3. Projects liability
  4. Defects
  5. Existing property
  6. Delay in startup insurance
  7. Political violence
  8. Overseas shipments
  9. Local transports
  10. Operational covers
  11. Business interruption


We are supported by a Global associates whom specializes in coordinating global programs. We possess strong knowledge of insurance legislation, international marine practices and have a proven expertise in handling all types of marine business. The classes of business we handle include;

  1. Cargo
  2. Hull and Machinery
  3. War Risks
  4. Loss of Hire and other Business Interruption Covers
  5. Protection and Indemnity ? Charterers Liability
  6. Ship Repairers, Stevedores and Wharfingers Liability
  7. Port and Terminal Operators
  8. Building Risks New and Conversion
  9. COFR Guarantees ? Kidnap and Ransom and risks associated with piracy
  10. Finance, Credit and Political Risks ? Fine Arts


We offer complete, customizable plans for any operation, from the private owner operator to an international airline. We also offer a full array of programs tailored to help aviation operations regardless of size, stay at the safety side. Our team of experts and claims specialists will help you acquire the best available cover and claims service. Our global arms and local team offers the products and services below:

  1. Airline Hull and Liability
  2. General Aviation including Corporate Aircraft
  3. Airport Owners and Operators,
  4. Airport Liability, including Air Traffic Control
  5. Aerospace Product
  6. Manufacturer Liability Premises & Products.
  7. Hanger keepers Liability
  8. Travel Insurance Programmes
  9. Finance and Leasing Companies
  10. War Risk
  11. Satellite pre-launch. Launch & In-orbit Space Hull and Liability
  12. Contractual Agreement Analysis


We deliver the industries most competitive and innovative solutions for clients actual needs, utilizing our market experience to the benefit of our clients. We offer insurance solutions ranging from traditional transactional casualty insurance programs, both primary and excess, to strategic financing and integrated risk insurance programs. Our expert team provides clients with detailed analysis of their exposures and offers them advice and recommendation on how to deal with the exposures, reduce costs, manage volatility, stream line administration and develop cost allocation strategies. The liability coverage we handle include:

  1. Automotive
  2. General, Premises and Operation
  3. Products & Completed Operation
  4. Excess
  5. Umbrella
  6. Employer
  7. Contractual


The operational risks faced by the financial and professional services community continue to become more onerous. Today's increasingly litigious and regulated environments mean that both companies and their employees face greater exposure arising from the provision of their services. Our experience and professional knowledge enable us offer technical advice to a wide range of clients across a varied spectrum of businesses. We leverage our market relationships to develop new products and provide competitive solutions. Our experience covers a wide range of products including:

  1. Professional Indemnity
  2. Medical Malpractice
  3. Errors and omissions
  4. Crime - employee and third party and include specific computer related risks
  5. Money
  6. Bankers blanket
  7. Credit
  8. Bid and Performance Bonds
  9. Directors' & Officers' Liability
  10. IPO liability
  11. Cyber and IT risk
  12. Decennial


Organizations with international operations are exposed to counterparty and country risks in the course of their daily business. The balance sheets of clients with international operation can benefit from the leverage and protection given by the structured use of credit and political risk insurance. Such clients for whom we act include;

  1. Niche operators,
  2. Global leaders,
  3. International banks,
  4. Commodity traders,
  5. Exporters,
  6. Investors,
  7. Manufacturers,
  8. Plant and equipment operators and
  9. Overseas retailers.

We through our global arms and expertise advise and arrange policies to protect against risks such as:

  1. Expropriation
  2. Sovereign borrower default
  3. Exchange transfer controls
  4. Corporate default
  5. License cancellation.
  6. Political violence
  7. War


In Saudi Arabia Health Insurance is considered a compulsory cover, mandated for all private sector workforce and their dependents. A unified policy is imposed on all insurers by the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI), where the policy provides cover for most outpatient services, including lab, x- ray, physiotherapy, and medications. Inpatient admissions and day case procedures, dental, optical, and maternity benefits are also included. Some health insurance companies' policies offer extended cover at medical facilities in other countries. Hence, giving peace of mind to employees and their dependents while on holiday or business trips.

When it comes to health insurance premiums, insurance companies consider several factors such as (without prejudice) group size, average age, loss history, gender, nationality, geographical distribution, business type, major preexisting cases, etc.


This coverage will provide a benefit to the beneficiaries if the covered individual dies during the defined covered period. As with other types of group benefits, group term life insurance is generally cheaper than comparable individual policy coverage. For this reason, group term life insurance is often a key component in employee benefit packages.


We offer risk and insurance solutions that address both general and special risks of all local, regional and international events. Our Events insurance services are intended to help event managers manage unforeseen losses and offer a safer environment for their financial stakeholders. We offer a simple and quick application process, and provide timely and competitive insurance solutions. We have a passion for sports and do understand the working and the needs of the sports industry. We offer our commitment to you and your members to consistently deliver innovative and cost effective solutions.

We offer a range of products that include;

  1. Event cancellation & Non-appearance.
  2. Liability for participants, volunteers & Officials.
  3. Contractual bonus.
  4. Accident and injury
  5. Kidnap & Ransom
  6. Prize indemnity
  7. Terrorism
  8. D&O.
  9. Property
  10. Professional Liability


We provide clients with a better understanding of how to manage and transfer risk through innovative reinsurance solutions, facultative and treaty. We engage a team of experienced reinsurance professionals, with commitment to meet our client's expectations. We work closely with regional and international insurers who are able to deliver competitive terms and adequately respond to our clients needs We quantify the effectiveness of the reinsurance program and help our clients structure their risk transfer programs. We provide assessments of risk exposures, and advise our clients on how to manage and transfer risk through innovative reinsurance solutions with the most efficient access to the regional and international reinsurance markets Treaty reinsurance involves underwriting and capital objectives on a portfolio level, allowing our clients (insurance companies) to manage growth in premium, return on capital in addition to rating agencies interests. Through our global associates and reinsurance team, we attach the highest priority to market security issues. We closely monitor the security of the reinsurance markets we use worldwide, and we always ensure that our clients� risks are placed with secure and solvent carriers. We monitor each carrier in use and undertake a review of each on periodical basis. The security review of each (re) insurer takes into consideration, the evaluation report of reputable rating agencies, the financial position of the company, experience of management, solvency margin, claims paying ability and profitability.

Our reinsurance team places with specialized insurers a wide range of products and offers expert services that include:

  1. Facultative Placements
  2. Treaties
  3. Risk Excess
  4. Cat protection
  5. Stop Loss
  6. Non Traditional Finite Covers
  7. Retrocession
  8. Contract Advice and Review
  9. Comprehensive placement and Transactional Service

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