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Who we are

GIB is among 92 insurance brokerage companies, registered to operate in the kingdom, it was launched in the year 2009 , promoted by a group of professionals – conceptualized prior to the liberalization of the insurance industry in Saudi Arabia, as a growing insurance broker , Gulf insurance and re- insurance Brokers Co . Aims to deliver the pledge made to the stakeholders. Insurance broking being in its nascent stages in Riyadh, we aim to provide long term solutions and be recognized as a fair and professional player.

 GIB provides analysis, offers services and advises solutions to clients, principally in the areas of risk management activities as well as insurance, re-insurance, broking and services. As a growing Insurance Broker, Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Co. aims to deliver the pledge made to the stakeholders by ensuring the provision of long term solutions through our competitive edge of being a fair & Professional player.
 GIB's high targets and effective Strategic Management had led them to expand their existence to the Eastern and Western Province (Jeddah and Khobar) before completing three years of its operation.

 GIB in its strive to excellence has built an alliance with leading International Brokers (Gras Savoye Egypt – MIB London – Frenkel & Co New York – J.B. Boda Group INDIA)

Meet Our Family

Dr. Yassin Jefri

A well known academic personality with more than thirty two years of rich experience in various admin & economic departments & retired dean of faculty of prince sultan, Tourism & management , king faisal university , Jeddah.

Mr. Hisham AlHadad
Board member

An insurance expert with more than 15 years of experience and a known personality in insurance industry.

WhatWe Do?

Insurance Consultant

Decisions can be difficult, especially when it comes to insurance. Which provider is right for you, which policy to pick and can you file a claim? These are some of the questions you would need answers to when you attempt to navigate the world of insurance. When facing complicated and unclear insurance issues that require expert advice, you can simply ask GIB Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing clients in all industries and geographies with insurance program reviews, strategic advice and innovative solutions across a comprehensive range of insurable and non- insurable risks. Our understanding of governance and compliance issues, our risk modeling and analytics capabilities, and our knowledge of management and best practices provide our clients with the insights needed to be successful in today’s uncertain economic times and competitive marketplace. We enable company boards of directors, corporate executives, operational leaders, and risk managers to understand how risk might impact performance, how to reduce the cost of risk, how to improve economic outcomes and meet business goals, and how to monitor and manage risk effectively. Our team of professionals assists clients with risk identification, assessment, quantification, retention, management, and financing. Working as one team, with an integrated service, we help clients develop enterprise-wide solutions, build resiliency, and achieve their short- and long-term objectives.

Insurance Program Reviews

Insurance programs are often carried forward from year to year without any change at a time the business itself would be facing challenges and changes in business processes, expansion plans, diversification, territorial expansions, and corporate philosophy. Unless reviewed periodically, with time the insurance programs will not adequately respond to all of the exposures created by the changes to the business and that could prove fatal to the survival of the business. We undertake assignments to investigate and do in-depth analysis of the exposures associated with the business and then conduct a gap analysis exercise to identify loopholes in cover if any. We then present our clients with recommendations that would make the insurance program effective and up to date.

Contractual Reviews

A mistake often committed by some contractors at the bidding stage, is to ignore the indemnity, Liability and insurance provisions of the contract. After a contract is awarded it would be too late to budget for exposures and or negotiate it with the Principal. The cost of risk and insurance could shift a contract from being viable to being uneconomical to perform. We assist our clients with reviews of the contractual obligations under development and construction contracts. Such contracts vary from being simple straight forward contracts to the other extreme of being complicated and complex. We advise clients on the insurance & indemnity provisions to enable them understand the full potential of their exposures and to help them properly budget for the exposures or transfer it. We also do work for lenders and or principals to ensure that the contracts and the related insurance provisions adequately protect their interests. 

Corporate Client Services

Our personal insurance professionals deliver world-class service by focusing on partnership and personal attention. We undertake a detailed review and evaluation of personal exposures. Only through careful planning we can create an insurance program that will respond in a consistent manner with our client’s needs, lifestyle and tolerance for risk. The accumulation of wealth is a successful blend of art and science, and so is its protection. Together, we create a deep understanding of your needs and goals, not just what you own, but what it means to you. The science of asset security begins with a personal risk assessment and goes beyond simply helping you choose insurance. Our goal is to: • Create a personal risk management program unique to you. • Assist you in evaluating your personal risks and the impact of potential losses. • Create a highly-tailored protection program that best mitigates those risks.

Risk Management

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of business risk from operations through to strategic issues. We provide best practice advice to help you develop your risk management culture. Our services are designed to improve your risk controls and, in turn, reduce your insurance premiums. We have extensive experience in developing solutions to help you manage your business risks. The solutions we offer include • Business continuity planning. • Risk profiling. • Strategic risk analysis. • Cost benefits analysis. • Managing risk. • Strategic risk management integration. We can help you identify and address all areas of business risk, benchmark your performance against your peers and provide best practice advice to help you develop your risk management policy. All our services are designed to improve your risk controls and, in turn, reduce your insurance premiums. Our Risk Management team comprises highly qualified specialists with unrivalled experience in their fields. Working with a diverse client base, our team of professionals understand the wide range of challenges businesses can face, and can shape solutions to help our clients manage their risks more effectively. GIB has an on-line support system integrated with the website for quick response.

Multinational Client Service

Through our global associates and international agreements we created a Multinational Client Service team works with clients to better understand and manage their global risk exposures. With our global network of partner offices around the world we have access to many experts and resources around the Globe. We manage and respond to the needs of organizations that operate globally and often need to meet the requirements of multiple governing bodies. Our service team specializes in the design, negotiation, and placement of multinational risk programs as well as servicing our clients' global needs via the dedicated Multinational Client Service network which is a critical asset in managing our clients' global risks.

Claims Management

Our experience combined with our market relationships; enable us to effectively and efficiently resolve the most complex and potentially contentious claims. Our Claims professionals apply their claims handling skills to our clients’ distinct advantage. We support our clients during, and after a loss until the final conclusion of the claim. Our claims services include assisting clients with:
• Quantifying losses.
• Technical assessments.
• Presenting proper claims support and documentation.
• Managing the claim process.
• Conducting negotiations with loss adjusters and insurers.
• Negotiating a fair and swift settlement with insurers.

Contact Info

  •   HEAD OFFICE - RIYADH Office #404, 4th Floor, Madarat Towers #2, (Old) King Abdulaziz Rd, P.O. Box - 28629, Riyadh - 11447, KSA

    BRANCH OFFICE - Jeddah
    Office #203, Al-Andalus Street, Behind ANB Bank, PO Box 136373, Jeddah 21313, KSA

    BRANCH OFFICE - Khobar
    Office No.402, floor 4th, Eastern Cement Towers, Dammam Al Khobar High Way, KSA

    BRANCH OFFICE - Madinah
    Sultana Street, Near NCB Bank AL RAYAN DIST Sherbini Building, 4th Floor MEDINA, KSA

Contact Us

  •   Riyadh: 966 (1) 2717222
    Jeddah: +966 (11) 271 7222
    Khobar:+966 (11) 271 7222
    Madinah:+966 (11) 271 7222